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Which Medical Insurance Is Best for A Child?

It is said that “It takes a Village to raise a child”, while this might have been true a decade ago now it takes a village and a host of doctors to raise a child who is healthy, fit, and active. The rising pollution levels, the changed eating habits, the lack of outdoor play, and GMO products have changed how children live.

On an average children below the age of 12 need a minimum of five visits times a year to the doctor for vaccination, and due to seasonal flu and fever, which crop up during seasonal transitions. Other issues like dental, skin-related, and allergies take another 3 rounds. Children miss school due to these recurring medical needs hampering their health and studies.

If these reasons are not enough to make you think of getting medical insurance for your child then let's see some statistics:

Investing in children’s education and care is a parent’s lifetime motive and investing in a child health plan should top that list as the children of today are prone to so many adverse climatic conditions. Pediatric health coverage not only reduces the expenses for you but also helps in the prevention of diseases as a timely intervention can reduce the onslaught of the disease. 

Why do children need Medical Insurance?

Children with medical insurance are more likely to have the usual source of care as the parents do not have to worry about doctor consultation charges if the child’s health plan covers OPD expenses. Parents usually try to avoid doctor consultation charges and take the shorter route by buying medicines from the local medical store. This prolongs the illness for the child and consequently, the parents take the child to the doctor, doubling the amount spent and also causing added health stress to the child.

  • Preventive Care and Early Intervention: Children with insurance are more likely to have access to preventive care. A single first-time visit to the doctor at the onset of the disease is enough to find the root cause and the right treatment from the right pediatrician can solve the illness in a few days.

  • A Healthy Future: Children with medical insurance get the health care services they need. They get the required vaccinations, preventive checkups, and doses and remain fit and active due to regular assessment.

  • Social and Emotional Benefits: Medical insurance helps improve the social and emotional development of a child as a healthy child is a happy child. A child who stays home due to prolonged illness loses touch with other children and may lose friendships. Parents often restrict outdoor time for kids making them disconnected from peers.  

  • Academic Success through Health: Medical insurance is not just for economic safety, Insured children are better equipped to do well in school. These children never lose out on important assignments and days at school due to illnesses and can perform to the best of their abilities, hence improving performance.

Which Medical Insurance Is Best For a Child?

Most Insurance Policies come with terms and conditions that are complex and very hard to decipher. Ensure a suitable health plan for your child like you do in everything else keeping these things in mind:

  • OPD Insurance for Kids: Due to their low immunity power and the onslaught of modern-day climatic issues, it's best to opt for a health plan that gives you the benefit of OPD coverage. More than half of kids' issues require just a visit to the doctor and a follow-up. Most insurers don’t provide a comprehensive plan that covers OPD expenses. Buy a health plan that covers these frequent visits to the doctors that don’t need hospitalisation. This ensures that you save on more than 90% of the expenses of illnesses related to your child. 

  • Network of Hospitals and Doctors: Choose a health plan for your child where you can avail cashless facility. Ensure that your health plan has a comprehensive list of network hospitals and doctors. Kenko provides an added facility of including your child’s paediatrician in the list with minimum formalities. 

  • Vaccination Inclusive: A child requires several vaccines from the time it is born. These vaccinations cost thousands of rupees and this can be prevented by opting for a health plan that covers vaccinations that are recommended by the doctor as per the age.

  • Affordability and Flexibility: Medical Insurance for children comes with a lot of hidden fine prints that may add up to be a huge expense. Even after paying huge amounts as medical insurance, you may have to pay for additional needs of children like diapers or other essentials. Opt for a health plan like Kenko’s health plans that give you savings every day. Buy essential products like diapers, shampoo, antiseptics, and other medical products from the SHOHO store and add affordability to the list. You can also make cashless payments at the pharmacy for doctor-prescribed medicines for your child. Such comprehensive solutions ensure that you have zero expenses when it comes to the health of your child.

In conclusion, as parents, you make your children our priority but often overlook what the future holds in terms of health care. As informed parents of the 21st century, it's not only about saving money but also being smart about it. Children have low immunities and you can save your hard-earned money by investing in a health plan that delivers and enhances the quality of life for your children.

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