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What diagnostic tests are typically included in preventive checkup packages?

Precaution is better than cure is truly apt in today's times where science is advancing at a pace equating with diseases. It is vital in today's time to at least have a preventive checkup plan as a backup for saving up a good amount. 

However, it's very common to hear that people are not aware of preventive checkups as much as they should. Within this blog, we aim to educate the masses about preventive health checkups by diving to its core and knowing about their coverage for future prosperity. 

What are preventive check-ups? 

Preventive checkups are a kind of medical examination that is done in order to detect a potential illness or disease. It involves a comprehensive range of tests, screenings, and consultations that look at overall health. It covers various parameters with the purpose of identifying risk at an early stage. 

Why do we need preventive checkups? 

There are many necessities of having a preventive checkup plan as it comes with innumerable benefits. Here, in the section below, we will be diving deeper to know the various benefits that come with having such plans backed up: 

  1. Early Detection: The important purpose of having preventive checkup plans is that it helps in the early detection of potential diseases. It helps in knowing the underprevalance of diseases which can help in treating them as early as one can. 

  2. Cost-effective: It saves a hefty amount that comes during the treatment of the disease. Due to early detection of disease, the cost of treatment is less expensive of 

  3. Improved quality of life: Regular preventive checkups can contribute to a better quality of life. It can help an individual change their lifestyle and inculcate better habits. 

  4. Tax Benefits: The government does provide tax benefits to the people with preventive checkup plans by providing a specific amount of concession. 

What is covered under preventive checkups? 

Preventive checkups depend upon a lot of factors that decide its coverage. Few of such factors are age, health history, family health history, or lifestyle. However, keeping all such exceptions aside, below we have mentioned a few of the tests that are being covered by preventive health checkup plans in general: 

List of medical diagnostic tests

Here are a few of the medical tests which are being covered in general: 

  • Diabetic tests

  • Kidney function tests

  • Liver function tests

  • Blood pressure tests

  • Blood sugar test

  • Complete blood count tests

  • Cancer Screenings like Mammogram, Pap Smears

  • Imaging studies like MRI scans, CT scans, etc 

Other things that are covered as well is 

  • Counseling sessions and consultations

  • Vaccinations

  • Health risk assessments

Types of Preventive Health Checkups

As there are various factors for coverage of health check-ups, so what varies the types of it. Here, we have mentioned a few common types of preventive health checkups: 

  1. Full body checkup: This includes a general health checkup assessment which is advisable for individuals of all ages. It includes a full body checkup consisting of kinds of tests which is beneficial to the human body in several ways. The list of medical tests is an example of what such plans cover. However, we advise you to check the health checkup plans before buying. 

  2. Disease-specific checkups: These kinds of checkups focus more on detecting particular diseases and are preferable for those who are at risk of developing disease. 

  3. Gender-based screenings: Screenings based on gender is one such type of preventive health checkup. In this, men-specified tests for prostate health, testicular cancer, etc, and women-specified tests for cervical cancer or estrogen are being covered. 

  4. Specified age group checkups: The plans are also divided on the basis of different age groups who can have varied diseases. This is subdivided into pediatric, adolescent, and adult. 

Factors to Consider while Buying Preventive Health Checkup plan: 

Here are a few factors that need to be considered while buying preventive health checkup plans: 

  1. Be thorough with the policies that the company has to offer as the rules and policies for coverage vary from company to company.

  2. Ensure that the package is going with your purpose and goals.

  3. Before availing your package, ensure to provide the health history of your family. 

  4. Check out the inclusions of the packages carefully. 

  5. Check the accreditation twice. Ensure that the package is offering tests from a reputed lab or hospital. 

  6. Seek health consultation before buying the package. 

Summing up, 

Within this blog, we have comprehensively traversed through the preventive health checkup packages. Remember, that having a good preventive checkup plan comes with innumerable benefits with an additional benefit of tax exemption. For tax exemption, we advise you to refer to the recent changes made. Lastly, the emphasis should be put on again that in today's time precaution is way more important to focus on to save oneself from the expensive cost of curing. 

Note: Please note that this blog is talking in general terms of the preventive health checkup plan. 

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