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What is Kenko Red? How do these plans work?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Plans and discounts

Kenko Red is a set of Health subscription plans that offer a range of discounts for different medical expenses, from small and sundry like everyday medicines to serious in-hospital treatments that require larger sums of money. These discounts range from 100/- per month up to 90% discount for everyday expenses. Additionally, hospital benefits range from 1-day treatment expenses to 3 days.

We are working hard to include many more treatments such as mental health & wellness, dental and vision treatments as well as plans that offer more varied benefits. 

Our current offerings include a 199/- and a 599/- Plan. You can find more about the plans in the embedded links.  

Networks and Coverage

Kenko Red plans offer benefits in 3 cities : Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR region. We will be including more cities and towns in the months to come. Our network of doctors include some of the best from leading hospital chains. Diagnostic tests can be availed of from the comfort of your home and well-established online pharmacies deliver your prescription medicines home - all covered by and brought to you by Kenko Red.


Subscription plans are for a 1-year term and are renewed the next year after a medical test has been conducted and your Kenko Score has been recalibrated. Plans can be cancelled any time from here. Once cancelled, your subscription will be paused and kept dormant. If you'd like to reinstate your subscription at a later date, it will restart from the point where you left off and your benefit balances reinstated. Once you serve out the balance period of the 1-year term, you will be required to undergo a medical test and your Kenko score will be recalibrated before the subscription is renewed for the next year. 

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