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Putting the ‘in’ in Health ‘Insurance’

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Catch Kenko co-founder Aniruddha Sen's conversation with Michael Waitze @ the Asia InsurTech Podcast.

Listening Time: Approx. 38 minutes

Health Insurance is clearly not the ‘in’-thing in India. Not yet. Indians spend about 370 Billion USD on healthcare but the insurance industry covers roughly 8-9 Billion USD of these costs.

Does India spend less on health insurance because most of its population is young and isn’t so worried about insurance? How does Kenko plan to address this massive gap? What makes Kenko stand out from other health plans in the market? How hard was it for Kenko to convince reinsurance companies that health insurance could be ‘in’ now and is not health ‘outsurance’?

To know more about these and other important questions, listen to this insightful conversation.

As you’ll hear on the podcast, our plans @ Kenko are to health insurance what sachets are to shampoo bottles: small-sized, customised as per your needs, and well within your reach. We cover not just emergency costs but also regular medical and OPD bills.

To know more about our plans, click here.

This podcast was originally published on the Asia InsurTech website on 25th October 2021. It was also listed as one of the top episodes of the year. You can also read and listen to it here.

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