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Kenko is a new brand. What are their credentials?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Is it trustworthy? Who are these guys? Never heard of them before. How can I trust them? These questions on your mind? Read on...

Kenko has been founded by two former Health Insurance folks. Dhiraj Goel (LinkedIn) is an actuary who has been working for various Insurance companies in India over the last 15+ years. Aniruddha Sen (LinkedIn), an ISB alumnus, has spent well over a decade in Health Insurance leading digital roles.

Together, these guys have invested well over a year in building Kenko from the ground up and have imbibed all of their experience and passion in the fabric of the company. A deep distaste for treating customers like numbers, an appreciation for the complexities of health insurance risk management and frugal innovation are some of the tenets that they have built this company on.

Startups these days are challenging institutions , businesses and age-old industries at a progressively faster pace. Most of the time, they provide early adopters with financial savings, tech-driven convenience and a vastly superior consumer experience. Therefore, it was only a matter of time someone challenged the status quo in Health Coverage - a sector untouched globally for over a century.

By keeping things lean, costs low and inefficiencies at near-zero, the team at Kenko are attempting to bring in revolutionary low prices, while making a reasonable profit. Kenko has been built with the personal funds of this duo and, therefore, is as much their vision of a better healthcare system as it is an attempt to disrupt archaic business practices that just don't work anymore.

Financial and risk management being at the core, Kenko sets aside an amount of money equal to its revenue, solely for the purpose of delivering customer benefits. This is then rebalanced every quarter to make sure the team has enough funds set aside. This is called Solvency Ratio in Health Insurance.

This the Kenko story and we invite you to be a part of it. If you're still unconvinced, head over to the chat widget and give us a nudge.

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