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Is there any OPD health plan that covers day-to-day needs?

Uncover the benefits of Kenko's OPD Health Plan to gain access to a wide range of all-inclusive medical services. Get consultations, diagnoses, and treatments from our vast network of physicians. Prioritise your health today by learning about the simplicity and affordability of Kenko's OPD Health Plan.

An OPD health plan for day-to-day needs? Find out here!

With a population of well over 1.2 billion, India experiences a high demand for affordable healthcare, making its access a pressing concern for many. While private and public medical insurance offerings are helping many to cope with this concern, they tend to focus largely on hospitalization cover. Individuals often struggle to find coverage for their day-to-day medical needs. In fact, most of the costs incurred by patients for medical tests, scans, and so on are not included in any health plan or policy. In such a situation, how does one deal with these medical expenses?

Don’t worry! We have a solution in the form of Kenko’s OPD health plans. Let's delve deeper into these OPD plans and how they cater to India's day-to-day healthcare requirements.

Understanding OPD Health Plans:

OPD stands for Outpatient Department, referring to healthcare services provided without the need for hospitalization. OPD health plans are specifically designed to cover expenses related to outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests, medications, and other healthcare services.

Unlike traditional health insurance policies that focus primarily on hospitalization coverage, OPD plans fill the gap by providing comprehensive coverage for routine medical expenses.

Comprehensive Coverage for Day-to-Day Needs:

Offering a wide range of benefits for individual day-to-day medical needs, OPD health plans like ours typically cover doctor consultations, laboratory tests, prescription medications, vaccinations, and preventive care services. Why is this important for a good OPD plan? It is only when a plan includes these can the individual access timely medical help without worrying about expenses.

Affordability and Convenience:

Much like our plans, OPD health plans are usually available at economical premiums, making them affordable for a wide range of India’s population. Additionally, they also offer the convenience of cashless transactions at network hospitals and clinics. This means individuals can seek medical assistance without having to bear the upfront costs and later claim reimbursements. What’s even better about our plans is that we offer a monthly low-cost payment plan so that large expenses are not incurred at one go.

Customizable Options:

An OPD plan is flexible and customizable, allowing individuals to select coverage options that suit their specific needs. Some plans offer a fixed sum insured for OPD expenses, while others provide a predetermined number of consultations or diagnostic tests.

Depending on the healthcare requirements and budget, individuals can choose a plan that provides the most relevant coverage.

Choosing the Right OPD Health Plan:

Yes, it’s tempting to quickly just lock in on the first OPD plan you come across because of its affordability, convenience, and benefits. However, before selecting one, do consider factors such as coverage limits, network hospitals, reimbursement procedures, and exclusions.

Comparing different plans, reading reviews, and seeking guidance from insurance experts can help you make an informed decision and choose a plan that aligns with your healthcare needs.

In conclusion, an OPD plan is the key to covering day-to-day healthcare needs. By offering comprehensive coverage for outpatient services, these plans provide individuals with financial security and peace of mind.

As the demand for accessible healthcare rises, Kenko Health’s OPD health plans can serve as a valuable solution to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for you.

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