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Is MRI scan covered by Insurance in India? : A Guide to MRI Coverage

In today's time, where the field of health is evolving more than ever, health insurance comes as a must for sustenance. With the awareness expanding, the benefits of having health insurance are quite noticeable. Health insurance can be a safety net that covers fees for medical care in unforeseen cases. This assures payout to the maximum amount of the person hospitalised.

The pressing need to have insurance relies on the rising cost of medical treatment. For example, diagnostic charges in India often go up to thousands. This makes treatment formidable to pay if it demands frequent tests and checkups. That's where the health insurance of OPD comes to the rescue by hindering the leakage of your savings. Through health insurance of OPD, diagnostic tests, doctor visits, etc charges are being covered.

In this comprehensive blog, we will be deciphering the MRI cost coverage in India through insurance by navigating through clarity.

Understanding MRI scans

Before knowing about the MRI coverage policies, it is important to know what MRI is. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical technique that uses magnetic waves to give a detailed view of the organs and tissues of the body.

The MRI machine creates a 3d image which helps in viewing the inner body from different angles. This makes it very helpful to detect the actual cause of the issue as it gives a crystal clear look at what is concealed.

Can MRI scans be covered under health insurance?

Well, shedding light on the first question which is the crux of the pages ahead. Health insurance may cover the charges for MRI scans and other diagnostic tests. However, there is no direct answer to the question as it depends on the policy of the

health insurance company.

In India, the cost of MRI without assurance can go anywhere up to the price of 25,000. The price varies with place and many other factors. The average cost of MRI scan after insurance differs which can provide a breath of relief. However, how great the difference relies on the negotiable nature of the company.

Generally, in countries like India, health insurance covers a major portion of medical treatments. However, the inclusion and exclusion vary as per the plans. Below, the common inclusions of health insurance are being mentioned which can clarify various questions like, "Does insurance cover CT scans?" or "Are blood tests covered by insurance?"

Understanding Health Insurance Coverage

A health insurance plan can reduce the mammoth size burden. Usually, the coverage depends upon the plan chosen, however, there are a few common elements covered by most all health insurance plans:

  1. Visits to Doctor: Your visits to doctors, specialists, or medical providers are covered by health insurance. Be it emergency visits or surgeries, most health insurance plans cover them.

  2. Laboratory services: As outpatient care services are often included too, they cover lab tests and diagnostic needs. That means services of CT scans, MRI scans, blood tests, etc are being borne by the insurance.

  3. Prescriptions: The health insurance is bound to cover the prescribed drugs. However, the drugs covered vary from insurer to insurer. It is advisable to check the drugs list being covered before you get health insurance.

  4. Rehabilitation services: Health Insurance also covers the rehabilitative services in which the hospitalisation, rent of the hospital rooms, or even the home care by nurses are being covered up.

Under the Affordable Care Act, various listings have been provided stating down the benefits that one can avail through health insurance. It includes basic elements that cover the major portion and is a mandation. Moreover, it is judicious to note the limitations by being aware of what is not included along with what is. A good health insurance plan, however, needs a keen detailed eye to spot the benefits. One such benefit is to check about the OPD services inclusion. Such services claim to cover costs other than those incurred in hospitalisation. So, it's wise to end up saving a good amount and even help to escape the hefty bill payment during deadlines.

To sum it up,

In today's time, media inflation is getting heftier than ever to pay it off. Diagnostic test charges including MRI, CT scans, etc are usually covered by the health insurance policy. However, the answer to it best relies on the terms and conditions of the policy. As diagnosis is the first step advised by the doctor to know the severity of the issue, the circumstances call for itself to get health insurance for financial security throughout.

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