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Have chronic health conditions? Focus on getting better minus the financial stress. Here’s how.

Globally, 1 among 3 adults suffer from chronic conditions. Chronic illnesses are intimately interspersed with our day-to-day lives! Having said that, what is the way forward?

Be it the regular doctor visits or the multiple tests, there are sizeable expenses one needs to take care of to recover from a chronic condition. However, don't let the bills deter you from accessing quality healthcare, with our holistic solutions!

OPD health plans are comprehensive healthcare solutions to reduce your OPD expenses. A good OPD plan like ours covers a range of outpatient services, including consultations, diagnostics, and medications, without the need for hospitalisation.

With the kind of coverage that Kenko offers, there are multiple benefits that help you manage your chronic conditions:

1. Regular Check-ups and Consultations:

One of the key advantages of our OPD plan is the ability to schedule regular check-ups and consultations with doctors at discounted rates. These include clinic visits and teleconsultations to help you access quality healthcare whenever you need it. Use the Kenko app to make sure that you don’t miss out on booking any of these appointments. Attending these appointments and actively participating in discussions with doctors helps ensure the most effective management of chronic conditions.

2. Discounted Medication:

It is self-explanatory that adhering to prescribed medications is crucial for managing chronic conditions effectively. With our OPD plan, you can conveniently access the medications you need without the need for hospitalization. The best part? They are available all over India at discounted rates! With Kenko, nothing will ever stop you from taking the right steps for your health, least of all your medicine bills.

3. Lifestyle Changes:

After the pandemic, more and more people are getting conscious about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In case of a chronic condition, this shift becomes even more important. And, an OPD health plan can support you in doing this! With easy access to doctor consultations and medical tests, you will have everything that you need to make informed decisions about what lifestyle changes you must work towards. Be it dietary adjustments, regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, or adequate sleep, Kenko’s OPD plans will help you access the right professional expertise to ground these decisions.

4. Health Monitoring:

All our OPD plans include access to diagnostic services, such as laboratory tests and imaging. Feel free to take advantage of these services to monitor your condition and track any changes or progress. Don’t let the fear of medical costs stop you from consistently observing your health and recovery!

Regular health monitoring will give you valuable insights on whether your treatment is effective, and if any complications should be identified.

It is indeed difficult to live with a chronic condition. However, Kenko is here to make the struggle slightly less burdensome, and certainly very easy on your pockets! Our OPD health plans can be a valuable resource for you to effectively manage your chronic conditions. Follow these tips and strategies to optimise your healthcare journey with us!

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