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2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth in Healthcare for Kenko

We would like to share some highlights:

Amidst a year of bustling activity, one notable highlight is our strategic partnerships. Particularly significant is our collaboration with Tata's 1mg, which has allowed us to offer medicine deliveries and non-prescription health goods through our SHOHO store. This partnership not only expands our offerings but also emphasizes convenience and accessibility.

  • We have established partnerships with several small and medium-sized diagnostics chains. These alliances empower us to offer radiology tests at conveniently located centres, aligning with our goal of making healthcare services easily reachable.

  • Our network of healthcare professionals has also witnessed substantial growth, with over 50,000 doctors joining the Kenko platform this year. This has contributed to our ability to offer comprehensive online and physical consultations, enhancing access to quality healthcare.

  • Addressing long-standing challenges in healthcare payment systems in India, we introduced Kenko Pay's Scan and Pay feature. This innovative functionality facilitates cashless treatment and medicine procurement at clinics, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies across the nation, bridging critical gaps in accessibility.

  • Efficiency has been a core focus of our operations, demonstrated by our recent automation initiatives. Notably, these measures have led to a remarkable reduction in manpower expenses by up to 30%. While streamlining processes, we've also amplified our product and sales functions by welcoming new additions to the team. This strategic approach has enabled us to balance efficiency with growth, propelling us forward in our mission.

  • Kenko's ambitions extend beyond the present as we navigate the complex terrain of healthcare insurance. With several statutory milestones achieved, we are in advanced stages of securing an insurance licence. This step will not only expand our services but also reaffirm our commitment to holistic healthcare solutions.

The next few months are going to be just as busy. Here are some of the things that we are actively working on:

  • Computer Vision Applications for Seamless Documentation: We are pioneering the integration of computer vision technology to streamline bill and prescription reading processes. This leap forward ensures accuracy and expediency in documentation, further automating processes

  • Structured Clinical Data Sets Utilizing SNOMED-CT: Embracing the global standard of SNOMED-CT, we are poised to revolutionize how clinical data is structured and interpreted

  • Extensive Network of Branded Offline Pharmacies: Our expansive network of branded offline pharmacies is set to bring quality healthcare within arm’s reach of individuals across the nation. Through strategic partnerships, we are making essential medications and healthcare products accessible to a wider audience

  • Generics-Only Coverage: Pioneering the concept of generics-only coverage, we are committed to providing affordable yet high-quality healthcare options. This initiative empowers individuals to access essential medications without the burden of exorbitant costs

  • New Distribution Channels in Strategic Regions: Our targeted expansion strategy encompasses the creation of new distribution channels in the North and West regions

The journey of scaling a startup is indeed fraught with challenges, but our standout asset remains our exceptional team. Their dedication and expertise continue to propel our progress and define our success. 🚀

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