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You Need A Health Checkup. And It’s FREE!

Wait! Don’t dial the panic button yet. It’s not just you! Everyone needs a health checkup and so do you. Here are five reasons why:

1. Hear your body’s status update

With social media, we’re constantly updated with our friends, family and even celebrities. We know who cooked what last evening and where was our favourite celeb vacationing last month. But rarely do we catch up with our own bodies in the same way.

“I just looked in the mirror this morning”, you might say. But, of course, that’s not enough when it comes to catching up with your body.

A health checkup consists of diagnostic tests that delve deep into your body and give you the most accurate, fine-tuned snapshot of what’s up with your cells. This helps you detect any health conditions that your body might be facing, in its early stages.

All of us need to do this, regardless of our age. We live in an age of depleted air quality, overdose of junk food, a pandemic, poor work-life balance and screen-time abuse. All of these stressors can take a toll on our cholesterol level, sugar levels and the health of our organs.

This is mainly why 135 million Indians are obese. And this is also why one in every 3 Indians over the age of 30 (that’s quite young!) suffer from one or more lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol or thyroid issues, etc.

2. Get a personal health forecast

Sometimes, your health checkup tells you about a problem you currently have in the very early stages. At other times, your health checkup might tell you about a condition that you don’t have yet but could easily go on to have in the future.

Let’s say a person learns that he’s not yet diabetic from his health checkup. But his Hb1Ac levels (average blood glucose levels) are between 5.7-6.4%. This means that while he’s not diabetic yet, as per the scale he’s not non-diabetic either.

He’s in the intermediate ‘pre-diabetic’ zone. From this zone, it takes only a few years to graduate to being a diabetic. That is why a health checkup is so important. It has the power to inform you about risks that lie ahead in the future in a clear way.

3. Cuts your costs in the long run

Imagine if the guy had no clue about his pre-diabetic sugar levels. He would probably not realise that there’s a problem till his levels crossed over to diabetic levels in a few years.

But then, at a later stage, it would be much harder to reverse the high sugar levels. And this would require so many more tests, doctor consultations, medications and so on. This would create a significant dent in the pocket. And such dents are totally avoidable!

By catching the wind in advance, the person has a chance to avert all those costs in the future. And with Kenko’s Free Health Checkup, one doesn’t have to pay anything to get this priceless information.

4. Works better than New Year Resolutions

Picking up from the example, when the person realises he’s pre-diabetic, it’s very much possible to reverse this and go back to non-diabetic levels through regular exercise, cautious eating, moderating alcohol/tobacco intake and maintaining healthy sleep patterns.

And many such positive lifestyle changes are triggered by the reality check that a health checkup gives us. Probably, no self-help book or affirmation post can drive such changes that a piece of hard-hitting data from deep within your blood vessels can!

5. Find the right health plan for yourself

Finding the right health cover is often tricky. But a health checkup can help you navigate this choice better.

If, for instance, your health checkup tells you that you’re a diabetic, then maybe you should go for a health plan with benefits tailormade for diabetics.

Even if your checkup tells you that you’re spick and span, it’s a good idea to invest in a health plan to cover the costs of future injuries or diseases that may arise inevitably with age!

With Kenko, when you sign up for your Free Health Checkup, you are asked a few simple questions about your medical status, your family’s medical background and so on. On the basis of your answers you get a Kenko Health Score.

This score is basically your healthcare status captured in a number. Once you have your score, you can go on to take your health checkup for free!

With Kenko’s Free Health Checkup, you not only get a reliable snapshot of your body’s health status but also identify the health plan best suited to your needs and unique health profile. Why wait, then? Book your Free Health Checkup now!

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