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World Health Day: 99 Problems, 5 Solutions!

“Drink plenty of water. Eat those exotic veggies. Hit the gym. Pop that magic pill.” Yes, we know the drill! Tell us something different?

To keep doing these things, it’s important to be in the right physical and mental space. This World Health Day, let’s look at some often ignored health tips to deal with the unique challenges of the times we live in.

Watch your screen time!

Thanks to physical distancing, we’re shuffling between screens all day, more than ever before. Many of us work, relax, communicate, and eat via screens.

What’s the fallout of this? Research has hinted that more than 75 minutes of screen time everyday might affect your body on a molecular level making it more prone to obesity, diabetes, fatigue and digestive problems.

For millennia, our bodies have evolved sleep patterns in responses to natural light. With blue light from our gadgets messing up our light sensing mechanisms, it makes it harder to fall asleep and can also affect our natural body clock.

So, should you quit your job to cut down on screen time? Well not really. The idea is to manage your screen time better. Here’re some ways:

  • Use an app to monitor your screen time.

  • Don’t use your phone before you sleep or right after you wake up.

  • You could use the night mode on your phone if you just have to use the phone before sleep.

  • You can also think of investing in anti-blue ray glasses if need be.

Get Smart!

Do you remember how much you slept last week? Can you guess your heart rate? Do you know your oxygen levels?

Of course, these are questions that most people will answer in the negative. That’s why we have smart watches that can save the day for us with their fitness trackers.

They’ll tell you how many steps you moved in a day, how much sleep you had, what was the quality of the sleep, what your oxygen levels are and so much more.

Did you know you get a OnePlus Smart Band worth Rs. 2799 absolutely free on yearly subscription of your Kenko Health Plan! View our plans here!

Gift yourself an MH-app subscription!

After a hard day at work, wouldn’t you want to unwind to relaxing sounds from nature, ambient music or simply meditate your blues away?

Then maybe you should check out a mental health (MH) app that is loaded with affirmations, meditations, music, sleep stories, master classes by renowned life coaches and so much more!

Most of these apps offer some services for free and if you want to upgrade to premium services, you could consider getting a monthly subscription too.

The end result is you sleep better, breathe better, are more stress-free and relaxed through the day.

Baby steps towards a greener footprint!

This one might come as a surprise. What we mean here is your carbon footprint. But what’s that got to do with your health? Actually, a lot!

The theme for the World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’! The little things we do go on to decide how clean the air we breathe is and how healthy our future generations will be.

This is where making more environmentally conscious choices can help. Start by tracking your carbon footprint i.e. the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere by your daily actions. You can use a free online calculator to do this.

Here are some compassionate lifestyle changes you could consider:

  • If you can’t plant trees, maybe you could grow some plants in your kitchen or terrace garden.

  • Maybe you could car-pool to avoid using too many vehicles when you could use a single one or switch to EVs (Electric Vehicles).

  • You could also switch to more energy-efficient lighting and use of electronic devices at your home.

These are just some of the things you could do to make the world a slightly healthier place to live!

Get a health cover! NOW!

And of course, one of the most important things you could do for good health is get a health cover!

We all have to see doctors, pop medicines, get tested or even get hospitalised at some point or the other. Protect yourself from the unexpected costs of these by getting yourself a good health cover.

This will help you not only save on your healthcare costs but also reduce your stress levels. Yes, you read that right! A recent study has shown that having a health cover reduces the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in your body, and gives a ‘peace of mind’ effect!

Ain’t that amazing? And with Kenko’s health plans, you get to not only save big on all your healthcare expenses- big and small- but you also get to order your medicines, book your doctor visits and lab tests and even hospitalisations all under the umbrella of a single app.

That’s peace of mind, ease-of-use and great savings all rolled into a single package.

Thinking of getting yourself a Kenko Health Plan? Check out our plans here. They’re easy, they’re quick and all you have to do is click.

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