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Who run the world? Girls! The multiplicity of roles played by women is encouraging them to embrace their inner superhero.

From caregivers to breadwinners, women have become the backbone of our society. Playing all the roles and fulfilling all the responsibilities that come their way, they are no less than modern goddesses with multiple arms – one cooking food, one holding a laptop, one feeding her baby, and another holding a paycheque.

On this International Women’s Day, let’s cheer for the ladies. Women of 2023 have become smarter in and out, now supporting those around them, financially as well. In fact, the median income of families that have working wives and mothers has risen more than 50% as compared to those in which women are unemployed. The modern woman is no longer confined to only household work, she is transforming lives around her in so many ways.

1. Women of Today: Financially Smarter

Today’s women are their own boss; they’re financially literate and aware of the economic trends as well as their own money. They handle money wisely – be it budgeting, reducing expenditure, investing, saving before spending, systematically using discounts, becoming entrepreneurs, and even earning more through side hustles. Women are becoming more financially self-sufficient by the day.

2. Caregivers X Breadwinners

Women are very much in touch with their emotions. They are caregivers; the nurture and emotional support that they provide helps everyone around them - their parents, siblings, partner, children, in-laws, friends, and colleagues. But gone are the days when the only role they played was that of a caregiver. Now, the modern woman is financially supporting her partner, her children, her own family, as well as her partner’s family. Women are working alongside men as breadwinners.

3. Making You Healthier

Studies have suggested that mothers are primary caregivers when it comes to family healthcare. They are known to take more initiatives in managing family healthcare, like motivating their partner and family members to opt for healthcare plans. Women are a blessing in the family - whether it’d be caring for us when we are sick, making our diet intake healthier, or sharing their wise views regarding healthier habits - we can rely on them when it comes to the holistic care of the family’s health.


Throughout history, we have turned to women when we needed care. Now, it’s high time to pay back.

1. The Role of Men

Lately, it’s not just women who have taken on the role of Caregivers X Breadwinners; even men have taken on both the roles. ‘Men are not caregivers’ is a masculine myth. Men play a huge role in caring for women as fathers, partners, mentors, bosses, in-laws, colleagues, and friends. They provide a masculine perspective, emotional support, and a practical outlook to women.

2. The Age of Awareness

The technological age has made awareness and education available to us like never before. With feminism on the rise, women are gaining more awareness about women-centric social issues and women’s health issues. They are freely able to voice their concerns.

With everyone around women gaining more awareness as well, women are being regarded with more care, sensitivity, and respect, and thousands of initiatives are being taken daily for their welfare.

3. Busting Stereotypes

Historically, women have been labelled under a lot of categories and have expected to behave according to age-old social norms. They’ve been expected to dress in a certain way, not have a career after marriage, not go out alone at night, and considered weaker than men. The world will become a better, safer, and easier place for women as soon as we stop attaching such stereotypes to them.

Women constantly think for the betterment of their family’s health and well-being. That’s why Kenko has a Family Plan to take care of the women and their families out there, providing them with the best of health benefits!

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