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Where Kenko Subscribers Spent Money in 2022!

We all like to be recognised for our work. At Kenko, we take pride in good health, and helping you along the way with discounts and benefits.

Just spending money seldom leads to happiness. However, when you get good value for the money you spend, you reap some solace and satisfaction. What’s a better value for your money than your health? Spending on your healthcare can become a more enriching experience if you have a good health plan.

You may now wonder, “What makes a healthcare company happy?” Well, most healthcare companies are glad when they don’t have to reimburse for the healthcare subscriptions they offer.

However, at Kenko, we realise that if we can help you stay healthy from the word go, we will eventually benefit in the long run. Thus, we like it when our subscribers spend their money on healthcare products and services for which we are able to give them discounts and benefits.

Let’s take a look at where Kenko Subscribers—that’s you—spent most in 2022!

Before we delve into where you spend your money, let us break down some numbers so that you get a clearer picture of the subscriber spending at Kenko. Consider this our version of the year in a wrap, which is the latest trend across many socials and online services.

Kenko has over 2 lakh subscribers as we near the end of 2022, and we have partnered with over 200 corporates. Just in 2022, we’ve given OPD benefits of over ₹3.5 crores. When it comes to hospitalisation or IPD benefits, we’ve reimbursed over ₹44 crores to our subscribers.

Many of the OPD benefits were prepaid, i.e., our subscribers paid discounted prices. As for reimbursements, the average processing time for both OPD and IPD benefits was around 48 hours.

While we wouldn’t claim that we’re the best in the world yet, these numbers sure are impressive. And we take pride in them as we’ve helped our subscribers on their journeys to good health.

Our subscribers’ spending trends

We’ve spent some time poring over our numbers to better understand our customers’ needs. Here’s some of what we’ve learned about our subscribers and all that they order, cumulatively.

1. OPD orders

The most popular benefit that our subscribers availed was the doctor consultation. Over 55% of Kenko’s OPD orders were for doctor consultations. The next most availed OPD order was for medicines, standing at 21%. And all of the remaining OPD orders, like lab tests, comprised 19%.

2. Healthcare essentials

One of the reasons our subscribers love us at Kenko is because of the discounts we offer on daily healthcare products at SHOHO - The Kenko Store. Our average orders per day was 50 and we served over 2500+ orders.

Among the most popular items at our store, the clear winner as the most ordered product is Dettol Skincare Handwash, closely followed by Eno Fruit Salt Sachets at number 2.

Colgate toothpaste isn’t very far behind. Colgate Strong Teeth stands at number 3, and Colgate Active Salt stands at number 4. If we put the numbers for the two types of Colgate toothpaste together, Colgate would be standing at the top of the podium.

Some of the other items that people often shop for are:

  • Health drinks and supplements

  • Antiseptic disinfectant liquids

  • Antiseptic creams

  • Band-Aids

  • Soaps, face washes, and shampoos

  • Hair oil

The top four products and the above-mentioned products together make up over 20% of all our marketplace orders.

3. City-wise spending

While analysing our numbers, we’ve also tried to understand our reach so far in India’s metros. Here’s some interesting stuff we’ve learned about Kenko’s subscribers.

When it comes to city-wise spending, Bengaluru subscribers avail the maximum number of OPD and IPD benefits. Mumbaikars are a close second in both these categories. However, the third place is split between two cities. New Delhi ranks third when it comes to utilising OPD benefits, while Chennai takes the third position in utilising IPD benefits.

If you don’t have a health plan, you could be among the people who contribute to 61% of out-of-pocket health expenses of the total healthcare expenditure in India. This number is alarming when we consider that India’s medical inflation, at 14%, is the highest among Asian countries.

Feeling insecure about your healthcare? Worried you’d be left behind with heavy medical bills? Buy a Kenko Plan today. Subscribe to avail discounts of over 50% on your medical bills, lab tests, doctor consultations, and even healthcare products.

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