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What are the terms of usage?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Kenko has very few terms of usage. They are written in simple, easy to understand language.

  1. You can avail of services such as medicines, doctor appointments and more, worth your defined benefit every month. Anything you spend over and above, will be charged to you

  2. Hospital stay includes all expenses including room charges. We will organise this for you at a single, air conditioned room which isn't a suite or a similar category

  3. OPD discount benefit for non-hospital expenses is applied on a monthly basis and expires every 30 days. However, lump sum OPD benefit can be accumulated for a period of up to 1 year.

  4. Hospital stay benefit is on a 12-month basis from the date you start your subscription. If you cancel your subscription any time before the completion of the 12-month period, your account will be suspended. You can re-activate your account at any time and will need to complete the balance period with the balance benefits before a new 12-month period can start. Chat with us to understand this better

  5. Prescriptions and doctor's advice procured outside of the Kenko network are not eligible for this plan

  6. Any hospitalisation and treatment thereof will have to be certified and advised by a doctor from the Kenko network

  7. You do not need to mail us prescriptions, bills, notices, documents etc. We will stay in touch with you to collect any information that may be required for your treatments - as easy as taking a picture with your phone

  8. Be cautious with the answers you provide us while taking the Kenko score - they may be used to determine your benefits at a later time, if found inaccurate

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