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The Doctor comes Home…...Finally

Since the digital revolution, our shopping experience has changed drastically. The simple act of stepping out to purchase groceries, medicines, or food seems archaic – Technology combined with COVID-19 have offered the world on a digital platter, with a variety of options available at your disposal.

That said different generations have different requirements. Someone in their 40s will have very different priorities as compared with a student who doesn’t need to worry about things like kids, and retirement.

But say you’re neither. Say you’re at that weird age where you’re 30 hoping to go on 25. Well, what do you need? Not that much honestly. COVID has messed things up a bit, but you’ve still got the important things; your groceries, your fashion, accessories, devices, appliances, your money, your prime-time entertainment. A few wiggles of your fingers and the world just shows up at your door. If anything, the only thing you’re probably worrying about (or are you still ignoring) now is your health.

Meet the doctor while WFH-ing
Doctor appointment

What do you do if you’re sick now? Going to the hospital isn’t exactly something want to do for minor health issues, and ever since pharmacies told you that they had run out of masks and hand-sanitizers, you don’t trust them anymore. To top it all, most doctors don't wanna speak medical to you once their consultation hours are up.

Finally, if you've read your health insurance polices, you may realize that there are loopholes and they aren't of much help. They simply cover costs - they don't get the doctor or the lab technician to your door.

Houseparty Logo
Houseparty with your Doctor

In this day and age when everything is available at the tap of your finger, this isn't how things should be. You should be able to "Zoom" / "Hangouts Meet" or "Houseparty" your doctor. Someone should come and give you your medicines or conduct your diagnostic tests in your living room.

Thankfully, there are several companies dedicated to providing these services. Take MFine or 1mg, for instance. They connect patients with doctors over telephone and video-conferencing. One can also order medicines and ask for medical opinions from professionals on the common chat forum. The apps have been designed specifically to improve healthcare access for millions.

Another great example is that of a company like Netmeds. They are an online pharmacy dedicated to providing medication at your doorstep. Submitting a picture of the doctor’s prescription is followed by making an online payment and receiving the medication the very same day. Those who are sick don’t need to step out. And, then there's Credihealth which helps you get reliable, reasonable in-patient treatment at well-known hospitals.

All of these services together create a system of convenience and access. It allows even the most remotely-located individuals to get quality health-care at the tip of their fingers.

But, healthcare needs financing as well. There should be someone who can put these together in an affordable, easy-to-understand plan.

Some companies are making early attempts, but they're not there yet. That's where Kenko steps in. We've created (and will keep improving) a network of online-enabled services that work seamlessly and make sure you get the healthcare plan benefits you need, when you want it and how you want it.

It is time that Healthcare, like everything else, was delivered to your doorstep. In times like these, nothing else will do.

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