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Steps to find the best health insurance plans for cancer patients in India

The very word “Cancer” can chill out anyone with fear. As the landscape of civilization is flourishing, diseases like cancer are paramount with every other day. Cancer has become so common that there are rarely people left out who don't know people suffering from cancer. 

According to a recent study by various organisations, the number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing and will be taking a frog leap by 2025. That increases the prospects of either of us or our loved ones getting affected by it. This underscores the need to have a good health insurance plan that can cover your major expenses for cancer. 

Within this blog, we will be exploring and focusing on some major scope when it comes to choosing a health insurance plan for cancer. 

The Need for Health Insurance Plan

The benefits of having a health insurance plan for cancer patients aren't one but many. What's clear is to know that people suffering from cancer have a rough time overcoming it. Recovering oneself from cancer though not easy is possible with proper treatment. 

People often tend to delay the treatment procedures for cancer because of the hefty amount it comes with. To avoid such circumstances on the way, a good health insurance plan is all that can come out as a rescue. This is one of the most profound benefits of a health insurance plan as it helps one save a good amount of money and aids in effective treatment. 

What are the benefits of having a cancer insurance plan? 

  • Can provide supplementary support beyond regular health insurance plans.

  • Cover high expenses and give financial protection.

  • Provide good coverage for hospitalization and treatment procedures.

  • Some provide additional services that can cover rehabilitation and palliative care. 

Decoding Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer 

While there are several factors that need to be noted while having an insurance plan on board, knowing the coverage for cancer treatment is vital. Within the piece ahead, a detailed analysis of insurance plan coverage is being mentioned in general to unveil its diverse perks. 

  1. Diagnostic tests: Diagnostic tests are the imperative procedure helpful for the early stage of cancer for detecting and monitoring. 

Diagnostic tests like MRIs, CT scans, biopsies, and other tests expenses are covered by health insurance plans. 

  1. Doctor visits: Health Insurance plans often cover the consultation fees that come with the doctor visits. It also covers the counselling services required during treatment and recovery. In general, all kinds of consultations, specialist visits, etc are covered by insurance plans.

  2. Therapies and surgeries: Including diagnostic care, the cancer insurance plan also covers therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgeries that are needed for pain management, reconstruction, etc. are being covered to reduce the financial burden on the patient. 

  3. Mental Care: Insurance also often covers therapies and counselling done for the holistic well-being of the person and rehabilitative care. 

Exclusions of Cancer Insurance Plan

Below are a few of the general things that are not included in the cancer plan: 

  • Not every kind of cancer is covered by insurance. For example, skin cancer. 

  • Complications and other related issues faced during cancer are congenial or pre-existing.

  • Specific cancer stages like the initial stage are generally not covered. 

  • Experimental treatments which are yet to be recognised are not being aided by the health insurance plan. 

Note: The above exclusions are in general. Exclusions can vary with the insurance plans.  

Factors to consider while buying cancer health insurance: 

  1. Choose the right insurance policy: This is going to be a daunting task to decide but essential to choose the policy that can work best for you. While choosing an insurance plan, ensure to read the policies of it thoroughly.

  2. Check out the sum: It is very vital to know how much sum is insured. This is to ensure that the sum incurred is enough to cover the higher cost of treatments. If it is a family floater, more sum needs to be incurred as the beneficiaries are being distributed among members. 

  3. Claim Period: Check out the claiming process of the insurance and ensure it is hassle-free. The easier it is, the better it becomes to claim it at times of need.

  4. Compare with other plans: Be judicious while buying insurance plans. Check and contrast all the best plans and buy which best suits your requirements. Choose which is more convenient, suitable, and reliable. 

  5. Network Hospitals: Check the network and hospitals that fall under the plan of insurance. Verify the network providers included to ensure accessibility and reliability. 

  6. Overall benefits: Check whether the company provides some additional benefits for survivors, counseling sessions, post-treatment, etc. Also, check the limits if any. 

  7. Waiting periods: Check when and how the policy will come into effect for certain treatments related to cancer issues and tests. 

Summing up, 

To sum up, within this blog, we have comprehensively talked about the various steps which are necessary to consider while buying an insurance plan. For more such queries, we suggest you look out for our other blogs which give detailed analysis of health insurance coverage. Remember, this blog mentions everything in general and may vary with the plan you decide to buy.

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