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Spend Smart on Healthcare – The Whys and Hows

Spending smart on healthcare will save your wallet from shedding tears and save you from mental and financial burdens during a crisis.

If you could save a dollar every time you spent money on healthcare, you would be driving around in your dream destination in your favourite sports car.

The Why’s of Spending on Healthcare

Since time immemorial, studies regarding themes of healthcare have been conducted, from topics revolving around health insurance, clinic visits, hospitalisation, mental health, and several related themes. Healthcare surveys suggest that the awareness regarding healthcare is significantly low amongst Indians, especially those residing in rural areas. Due to being unaware, people tend to lose more than gain from healthcare services. The first step towards spending smartly on your health is to educate yourself about the benefits that healthcare planning and financing brings you:

1. Financial Security

How many times have you heard your parents say, “Stop wasting money on useless things. What will you do if someone in the family falls sick and you need money to pay the hospital bills?”

With healthcare planning, you’ll be backed by the thought that you are financially secure. We all know, a sense of security in an emergency is more of a blessing than you can imagine.

2. Short Term and Long Term Cost Effectiveness

After a doctor’s appointment or hospital visit, you are left with a huge hole in your pocket, even if it was a short teleconsultation. Now, imagine the savings you've spent on this in your lifetime. Made you break into a sweat, right? With plans covering for you, you would be able to avail not just short term financial benefits, but would end up saving a lot more money in the longer term.

3. Keeping up with your lifestyle

Due to lifestyle changes, healthcare plans specifically designed for you are more needed than before. A changing lifestyle exposes your health to a lot of harm. Whether it’s an increase in stress, partying every weekend, intake of unhealthy substances, or binge-watching Netflix shows late at night - you are tiring your body without realising.

4. Protecting yourself and your loved ones

Healthcare plans would be beneficial to not only us, but also to our loved ones. We tend to worry a lot more about our ageing parents and children than about our own health. Encouraging them to go the right way about their medical management would make you worry about them a little less, knowing that they are in safe hands.

5. Healthcare costs on the rise

Inflation. Rising costs. Increased prices. Words we hear everyday, but words we don’t pay enough attention to, to realise that the more healthcare prices will rise, the fewer notes we will see in our wallets.

We need to make our wellness finances secure to save ourselves from the evil called inflation.

The How’s of Spending on Healthcare

How do you go about choosing a healthcare plan that’s best for you, from the plethora? The right approach to opt in for a healthcare plan crafted specifically to your requirements is as crucial as getting one. Here is how you can spend your bucks wisely:

  1. The first step is research; half knowledge is dangerous. Go in-depth into having a full understanding of the plans that you are reading about; the benefits, inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions, and other important details.

  2. Estimate your requirements. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of available plans to find one that is suitable for your needs – which will specifically benefit you.

  3. Thoroughly read the subscription docket after you have selected and purchased the plan.

If you are planning to spend wisely on healthcare, let Kenko take care of you and your loved ones. With Kenko Health Family Plan, we’ve got your back. Let us make your healthcare choices smarter, affordable, and feasible!

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