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New Year, New You! Resolutions Every Employee Must Make

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Let's be honest! We all face challenges at work. How do we overcome them? Here are some new year's resolutions for your work life.

When we think of a new year, we think about new beginnings and goals. We often make resolutions about our overall well-being or about a few practices that bring us inner peace. Most of the time, it's only about personal stuff.

What about workplace goals? These are not items from a checklist you bring up only at appraisal meetings. You must also set some workplace goals that you want to achieve this year—ones that can benefit the entire organisation. Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Health over everything.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to prioritise our health over everything else. With layoffs across the world, we may feel like just another number. Your organization is not everything. You can be made redundant in the blink of an eye.

This tells us not to take our jobs very seriously and put our blood and sweat into them. Of course, being passionate is important, but not at the cost of our health.

This is why getting frequent health checkups is no longer optional. Especially with the new strain in town, it becomes all the more important to look after ourselves. Wear a mask, follow social distancing, frequently wash your hands, and avoid crowded places.

2. Develop new skills.

The layoffs happening around the world are a byproduct of the impending recession. People are bracing for inflation and recession. It goes without saying that developing new skills or honing your old ones is the need of the hour.

You want to make yourself extremely valuable to an organisation. What better way than to have indispensable skills? If you resolve to upskill, it isn’t just you who benefits from it. Your entire organisation will. This will lead to better results and a great working environment.

3. Work-life balance.

Let’s ponder over a fundamental question for a minute. What's the purpose of accumulating wealth if we are not in the state to spend it the way we want? It becomes important to achieve work-life balance so that we feel good about ourselves and the job we do.

We are certainly not suggesting that you work less, but you take a moment to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Sure, work as much as you can, but also take the time to rejuvenate yourself.

Spend time with your friends and family, or go for an adventure-filled weekend. Do whatever floats your boat. The essential thing is to strike the perfect work-life balance.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable and secure? But only doing things that you’re familiar with or those that fall within your core skill set can soon make you complacent. On the other hand, you stand to achieve many things when you step out of your comfort zone. This could be your new year's resolution.

You may have seen someone do something that you really admire. But you shied away from it because you would have to step outside your comfort zone. Well, let 2023 be the year that you break free from these shackles. It's time for you to soar high professionally.

Take the initiative, be proactive, and let go of your inhibitions. Dare to get a little uncomfortable. After all, dar ke aage jeet hai!

5. Healthify your workplace.

We’ve already written about how you could create an ergonomic workplace for yourself. Now, let’s look at a few ways to make your workplace healthier as well.

You could help organise health camps in your office or simply suggest better ideas for your cafeteria. These small steps and suggestions will benefit everyone around you. You could even take the initiative to promote mental health awareness in your office.

If you want some tips on how to keep your new year's resolutions, you can read about them here.

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