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Never Walk Alone! Gadgets To Guide Your Fitness Journey

With tech ruling every aspect of our lives, why should fitness be an exception? Read to find out how it can enhance your fitness journey.

Talking about journeys, what are the best things about a road trip? You want to reach a place, which is why you’re on the road in the first place. So the destination is essential. You’ve chosen to take your time getting to the destination instead of just flying there. So the journey must be scenic and worth the time. Lastly, no good journey or destination is fun without the right companions.

Now, if we compare our fitness journey to a road trip if staying healthy and in shape is the destination, working out consistently is the actual journey, and gadgets are the companions. Let’s look at some gadgets that will help improve your fitness journey.

Fitness tracker

India’s writable (tech that can be worn on wrists) market crossed ₹3800 crores in 2020. Fitness bands and smartwatches are seemingly becoming essential to our lives. But what basic features must a fitness tracker have to improve your fitness journey?

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Blood oxygen monitor

  • Different sport modes

  • Step counter (Duh!)

  • Sleep tracking

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Body temperature monitor

  • Calorie counter

There are many other features that you may want in your smartwatch: Phone finder, bluetooth music controller, bluetooth camera controller, call accept and reject options, notification display, menstruation cycle tracker and GPS.

Weighing machine

Many of you will remember that, as kids, we used to get ourselves weighed at the railway station. Those machines are now old and obsolete. However, weighing machines have now evolved.

They now monitor many things: weight, body mass index (BMI), body age, fat percentage, body water level, visceral fat, body muscle percentage, calorie intake and much more.

These numbers help you customise your workout diet. It is recommended that you at least have a weighing machine when you start your fitness journey, be it weight loss or weight gain. If you remain consistent with your fitness regime, you want to weigh yourself every week or fortnight to track your progress.


Do you know the similarity between a road trip and a fitness journey? They can both be difficult without good music. Listening to music while exercising has numerous benefits.

While you can blast music on full volume during your road trip, you may want to listen to your curated playlist during workout. Thus, good headphones become an essential part of your workout routine.

You want to invest in waterproof or water-resistant headphones, preferably wireless, with the ability to deliver good audio quality and can stay in your ears despite all the skipping and jumping.

Massage gun

It is common knowledge that you must stretch your muscles before working out. However, did you know that post-workout stretches are important as well? They improve the functioning of your heart, reduce lactic acid build-up and limit strain in muscles and joints.

A good post-workout massage can help you stretch your muscles and also helps flush out waste products. It will help your muscles recover better.

It also helps you improve your flexibility and blood circulation. Also, a good massage can cost you anywhere between ₹1200 to ₹3000, which may not be feasible for everyone.

What can you do? Invest in a massage gun. It is exactly what it sounds like. It's a handheld device with numerous intensity adjustment levels to massage your muscles. The main features to look for in a good massage gun are that it is ergonomic so that you can hold it for long periods, waterproof/water resistant, portable and has good battery life.

Smart bottle

You may wonder, a bottle needs to just store water; why would it need to be smart? Well, a smart bottle will give you reminders to stay hydrated. That’s not all―it also displays the temperature of the liquid inside and the amount of liquid remaining. Many smart bottles have the functionalities of a thermos flask, keeping the liquids inside hot or cold.

These are some of the essential devices that help you with your fitness journey. Which other ones do you use? Share with us.

Wondering how to start your fitness journey at home? Stop wondering! Read about the exercises you can do at home.

Gadgets aren’t the only products that can help you with your fitness journey. You can also subscribe to a Kenko Health Plan that gives you up to 50% off on supplements and other daily healthcare essentials, along with discounts on lab tests, medicines, doctor consultations and much more.

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