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Kenko score – An Introduction

Healthcare plans may seem difficult to understand. There are far too many loopholes, exclusions and so much legalese that one is quite likely to get disillusioned by it all and stay away from it altogether, leaving one financially vulnerable.

Our vision at Kenko is to solve this through affordable subscription plans that include everything from the cost of medicines, to doctor fees, to hospital bills and so on. We plan to introduce a new healthcare financing mechanism and create a new system where you are paid back for being healthy.

By incentivizing healthy lifestyles, we aim to radically change the prism through which healthcare is seen and shift the paradigm in which it operates.

To do this, as a first step, we are launching Kenko Score based on your personal and medical details. We will ask you for information relating to your lifestyles, medical history as well as any current issues.

What’s more? The algorithm will determine if you need tests and we will pay for those tests to get you the most accurate score. The score will be provided in a maximum of 36 hours and it will tell you how good or poor your health is on a scale of 1 to 1000 – the higher the better.

Who should sign up?
The short answer is – everyone! Whether you are a young professional or a middle-aged breadwinner who is worried about their health in the future, Kenko is for everyone!

The Score works for all ages and demographics. In fact, the earlier you invest in your health and well being, the better (and cost-effective) it is!

Tell me more?

With decades of experience in the healthcare sector, the team at Kenko is fully cognizant of the challenges in the space and we are aiming to bridge that gap by launching solutions that delight customers. We abhor treating customers like numbers. In our world, a refusal to pay for a customer's treatment is just not acceptable. So, we are hell-bent on creating a membership that is affordable, provides a return on investment and gives you every reasonably possible medical benefit.

The Kenko Score app is the first step in our journey with you. Next, we guide you through the plans that are tailored to your requirements. Plans that include online stores, digital consultation, benefits starting from day one, and a richer experience that will be unlike anything you have experienced when it comes to healthcare

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