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Keep It Short & Sweet! Diet Tips for Festive Season 🍴

One in every four Indians has a weight problem. That number will increase with the festive season and the delicious sweets that follow…

The festive season is here, and we are all occupied with balancing work and celebrations. The best part about this season is all the sweets and snacks on the table. We don't want to stop you from eating or refusing food, but we want you to stay healthy and fit to maintain your health.

So, how does one stay under control, especially when lip-smacking snacks and desserts are always around? Read on to find out...

1. Eat before you go out

Remember to have a light snack or a meal before you head out for a party, dinner or celebration. Simple snacks such as a bowl of fruits, salad, nuts, rice and curry can help you keep your appetite in check.

'Tis the season of visiting friends and family. Please expect them to feed you the season's sweets just like grandma does around the year. Going out on an empty stomach might result in overeating and bloating.

2. Exercise, no excuses!

While celebrating Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and many holidays and festivals are important, exercise or physical activity in these seasons should never take a back seat. Remember to do your 10k steps daily or push-ups, squats, and pull-ups.

Abs are made in the kitchen, as are healthy figures. Resistance training is the best way to lose weight and shed those extra kilos.

All these exercises work against the increased calorie count because of Gulab Jamuns, Kaju Katris, and Plum Cakes.

3. Do not skip your meals

Fasting is good for the body, but skipping meals is not. Skipping meals is bad for your overall health and mood. Being hangry is a pain for others around you.

Learn from the mistakes of others who skip breakfast and hog on lunch and dinner only to feel worse about themselves.

Do not forget to eat when you're busy with housework or socialising. Have regular small-sized meals. It will stabilise your blood sugar levels and help you avoid cravings followed by bingeing.

4. Weekend drinking and calories do count

The best part about the festivities is the occasion to meet your friends, family, and relatives. The parties also involve food and alcohol, which people forget to keep in check in the spirit of the celebration. It is essential to remember that the body does not know if it is a weekday or weekend.

Making better choices regarding alcohol consumption can help you stay within your diet. Choose fruit-based alcohol over like grain-based alcohol, like wine over beer. Watch over the quantity. It is the most straightforward choice that can make the most difference.

5. Portion control is paramount

Let's say you are at the party and the catering is good. Now, if you went to town on every single dish, you, our dear reader, can get into a whole world of trouble.

Food is good, but remember to control yourself. Portion control means you get to try something new but still manage to stay within limits. Eat a little bit of everything, and you'll enjoy yourself far more and savour the experience.

6. Choose healthier options

A great way to stay healthy this festive season is by choosing more healthy options among sweets and snacks. Try making it with more nutritious options or alternatives to sugar and grains if you can.

Choose jaggery instead of processed sugar cubes, millet flour instead of refined wheat flour, and stick to traditional recipes from your grandparents. You'll notice the difference in health when choosing to consume indigenously grown ingredients.

7. Share your food

One of the best ways to stay in shape and be healthier is by ensuring that you share the food you like. It has various benefits, including making you look generous and caring, ensuring that you have small portions of food, and everyone enjoys the food equally.

Joey doesn't share food, but maybe he should because by ensuring that everyone eats, he also ensures that he does not binge on the mouthwatering food.

8. Have a post-party ritual

We understand if you read everything above, ignored all of it, and went ahead with the bingeing. However, your actions will have consequences, and to aid those consequences, ensure that you have an excellent post-party ritual.

Have a glass of warm water with ginger, fennel, and carom seeds. It will help with digestion and prevent the bloating and gassy feeling the day after. Ensure that you are hydrated throughout the day and get some sleep (You burn calories when you get adequate sleep).

The diet tips here are genuine. We want to help you stay healthy through the festive season. You may also choose to include supplements in your diet. Get supplements and daily healthcare products at discounted prices at Shoho - The Kenko Store!

Also, if you like to secure yourself against the rising cost of healthcare and secure your family's finances, check out the Family Plan by Kenko. It has a range of benefits for everyone, including discounts on lab tests, medicines, daily care and doctor's fees.

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