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Join the party with the new Kenko iOS app!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The apple of your eye - the Kenko app is now on iOS. It’s smart, it’s quick and all you have to do is click!

Here’s a taste of some excl-YOU-sive health benefits that await you on the app:

Enter Your One-Stop Healthcare Shop

They say an ‘apple’ a day keeps the doctor away. But if it doesn’t, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is head to the Kenko app on your device to book your appointments with your chosen doctors!

Booking your date with great and affordable healthcare just got easier!

And it doesn’t just stop there. You can also book your diagnostic tests on the app at your chosen time and date. What’s more, in case a hospital admission is around the corner, you can book your hospital bed too.

Settle All Your Medical Bills- Big or Small

You get to do much more than place orders and make bookings on the app. You also get to save on all your medical- big or small.

With the new Kenko app, it’s easier to get direct prepaid benefits on your doctor visits, diagnostic tests, at-home care and more.

And these benefits apply from Day 1 of your plan’s activation.

Doubts? Akira Is Here To Help You!

Guess what ‘Akira’ means in Japanese? It means ‘bright’ or ‘sunlight’. That’s exactly what our chatbot Kenko Akira is here to do - shed light whenever you’re stuck!

At any step, should you feel like you need help in using the app and your Kenko plan, Akira is here to make your journey easier. Get all your queries and doubts resolved with our live chat feature.

She is smart, she is friendly and she is always ready to help!

Coming Soon: Medicine Orders & SOS

Be ready to say goodbye to large medicine bills from your local not-so-friendly pharmacy store.

Because the new Kenko app will soon allow you to order medicines at the tap of a finger. Get your medicines delivered super fast, right at your doorstep.

That’s not all! With the new Kenko app, SOS will now be a less stressful affair. Whether it's booking an ambulance or an emergency service, iOS users of the Kenko app will soon be able to get all their healthcare needs to be met under the umbrella of a single app.

Remember the time when you had to shuffle between 10 apps to access 10 different healthcare services? Those times will soon be over!

Try the Kenko app for iOS here. Are you an Android user? Click here if you haven’t got your free health checkup yet. Check out our plans and get one now.

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