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Is Biopsy Covered by Insurance for Cancer in India? : Cancer Health Insurance Coverage

Is Biopsy Covered by Insurance for Cancer in India?: Cancer Health Insurance Coverage 

A battle against cancer being the deadliest disease is not easy. For the one who is suffering from it, the struggle is real when it comes to tolerating the pain. Cancer not only makes one suffer physically but also mentally and financially. Though the former can't be reconciled through words, the latter can be handled! 

Cancer treatments come with a hefty amount to pay. And the affordability of cancer health insurance in India has often been a matter of question. Realizing that cancer health insurance plans are not only hefty but also hectic, within this article, we aim to resolve the queries. We have provided the answer to whether biopsy charges are being covered in India and other related information about cancer health insurance policies.

Understanding Biopsy

A biopsy is an initial step taken to detect whether the person is suffering from cancer or under prevails another health condition. In such a medical procedure, a cell or a piece of tissue is carved out as a sample for the detection of cancer where the sample undergoes a laboratory test. While other tests such as MRI scans or CT scans do aid in detecting the dysfunctionality of tissue, they don't classify the cancerous and non-cancerous cells. That's why in case of symptoms akin to cancer, a biopsy can only provide a great aid to help with the detection of cancers.

Is Biopsy covered by Health Insurance in India?

Well, there is no direct answer to this question. Biopsy as a part of the investigative process is considered a vital and most effective process to detect cancer as well as other life-threatening diseases. The coverage of biopsy through insurance depends upon the insurer. When it comes to cancer health insurance, there are several limitations that can directly affect biopsy coverage. For example, some insurance assists only during the advanced stage of cancer.

To sum up the cost of treatment, what needs to be known is that biopsies are of various types. The method of application depends upon the location of tissues that need to be examined. The cost of biopsy treatment in India can go anywhere up to 50,000 INR.

To know whether your health insurance covers up investigative process or not, here is the following thing which needs to be considered:

Affordability of Cancer Treatment

There is a pressing need to highlight the affordability of cancer treatment which can be equated with null. Cancer treatment and the procedure it encompasses are not easy to handled with minimum cost because of the advanced technology it comprises. The average cost of cancer treatment can go up to anywhere from 20-35 lakhs INR. The cost is affected by factors like the kind of cancer one is going through and the stage which they are in. 

In such scenarios, health insurance comes as a rescue which can end up saving a good amount of the patients. Cancer health insurance can help in covering the lump-sum amount of treatment in the majority of cases. However, having a good insurance plan is not enough. One must know how it goes beyond. For example, some companies offer health insurance to pre-existing cancer patients while some do not. Therefore, below we have mentioned health insurance coverage in general.

What does cancer health insurance cover?

Not to consider this as word of mouth, here we have mentioned the basic things that are often covered by health insurance for cancer patients:

1. Diagnostic Care: Various policies cover stages of cancer treatments including various scans like biopsy, blood tests, imaging scans like CT scans, PET scans, etc. Every such diagnostic procedure that is used for monitoring, staging, or detecting cancer is very often covered by cancer care health insurance.

2. Pre and Post-Hospitalization Coverage: Pre-hospitalization for a cancer patient doesn't only consist of diagnostic treatments. It also includes consultants, medication, and prescriptions. While post hospitalization comprises ongoing care, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and everything that falls under post-assistance to cancer patients. 

3. Doctor visits: Some insurance also provides concessional rate benefits to the people for first-time benefits. However, some insurance companies have their policies of copayments or deductibles. But, in general, consultations, treatment plan discussions, specialist visits, etc are being covered. 

4. Surgeries: Health Insurance including cancer also covers a wide range of surgeries helpful to cancer patients. Be it tissue removal surgery, reconstructive care, pain management, therapies, etc, are the parts of coverage where specific requirements are being mentioned in the policy itself. 

It needs to be noted that what's mentioned above is the coverage by health insurance covers cancer in general. Some insurance companies might not assist the cancer patient with ongoing support, while some only look to assist at the advanced stage. Therefore, it is crucial to be careful while choosing the best health insurance for cancer patients 

To sum it up, 

Within this article, we tried to answer the basic question of biopsy coverage under health insurance plans. We also discussed other factors about the health insurance plan that can play pivotal roles in the lives of cancer patients. It is extremely important to know about health insurance coverage for cancer patients so that benefits can be availed in a conscious way. If you are the one who has other  such questions related to health insurance, read out our other blogs: 

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