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How To Travel On A Budget

Budget your vacations so that you return back home with a treasure chest filled with memories instead of an empty bank account.

Let’s be real - everyone loves to explore new destinations and go on vacations. However, sometimes a change of scenery becomes a much-needed escape from your mundane life.

Whether you’re a passionate traveller, a nature enthusiast, or just need a breath of fresh air in the mountains after days of working hard, travelling does burn a hole in your pocket…

… unless you travel on a budget. Use five extra brain cells to plan out a fantastic vacation with minimal cost.

Plan it out

As much as social media and movies romanticise spontaneous trips, it is wiser to plan them beforehand in order to avoid last-minute expenditures and hiked prices. Having clarity about the basics - destination, dates, transport, food, and accommodation - is essential when budgeting your vacation.

Fix the amount that you can spend on the trip and then evaluate your requirements accordingly. Conduct in-depth research on things like places you want to visit, local culture, sightseeing locations, and weather conditions.

Put your plan into action

Now that you’ve penned down your plan on paper, it is time to start implementing that plan. For a budgeted vacation, make sure that you’ve chosen your destination realistically, knowing how much costs your wallet is capable of bearing. Look for alternative, more pocket-friendly travel destinations.

Try to travel out of season - the prices of travel packages and hotels usually skyrocket during the holiday season and weekends. Book in advance - ticket prices of airways, railways, and buses are way easier on your pocket if you book them in advance.

Don’t choose fancy travel packages and attractive offers which will drain your wallet. Instead, check out travel apps and websites which offer cheaper deals and apply discount coupons wherever you can.

When in Rome…

… do as locals do. Now that you’re finally at your much-awaited vacation, all your budget planning can go to waste if you are not cautious enough about spending smartly on the basics:

Accommodation: Instead of living in a lavish deluxe suite, the price of which will make you gulp in nervousness, go for homestays and hostels. Not only are they affordable, but you’ll get to make some like-minded travel buddies here. If you have any friends or relatives living nearby your travel destination, stay with them to fully cut down your accommodation costs and spend some quality time with them. If the vacation is longer, you can rent out a room. Or, if you like adventures, then buy yourself a tent and go camping to save money and seek thrill!

Transportation: Budget your transportation within the new city/country by embracing public transportation. Renting a bicycle, scooter, bike, or car is another option. And if you want to explore the streets while saving money, then walk from one place to another whenever you can, as much as your feet allow you to!

Food: When travelling on a budget, fine dining is not the way to go. Save on food by cooking yourself if you can. Otherwise, you have a wide variety of mouth-watering options - from street food to local cuisines. Having regular water instead of bottled mineral water and cutting down on alcohol would save you more bucks than you can estimate.

Shopping: Don’t go all-out on shopping. Instead, get little souvenirs and commodities that are locally famous in the place that you’re visiting. However, remember that the memories you make are more precious than materialistic items.

On your next vacation, relax and focus on having fun with your family, and let Kenko Family Plan take care of them!

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