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Happiness is an app. Download now!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Good Savings + Good Healthcare = Happiness.

Kenko promises you affordable healthcare financing with zero hassles and delays. We wouldn’t be able to deliver on this promise were it not for the Kenko app- easy, smart and quick. But what goes on behind the scenes of an app that delivers so much for so less? Let’s take a look at all the ways in which the Kenko app stands out from the rest:


It’s very important for the provider of your health plans to understand your health profile. This helps them get a grip on your medical background, your family’s medical background, your latest health stats and more.

Why do we need this? Because it helps us analyze your health risks accurately. With AI/ML powering the Kenko app’s risk analysis, you can rest assured that we’ll pin down on your health vulnerabilities better than any human could. Once we know what kind of expenses you may have in the future, we will curate the health plans best suited for your needs.

And guess what? With the Kenko app, it’s now possible to get your Kenko health score by answering a few simple questions about your medical background.


Underwriting is the process of weighing your health risks and agreeing to cover them. There used to be a time when companies used to do this with bulky registers and mountains of paperwork. Those times are thankfully gone!

With the Kenko app, the underwriting process has been automated. Our app does in seconds what a bunch of human beings would take weeks or months to do! This is the secret behind us taking literally no time in activating your plan benefits or reimbursing your medical expenses instantly.

Whether it’s verifying your ID and analyzing your medical test reports before your subscription is active or verifying your prescriptions, the Kenko app is simply faster and more accurate than the other options available.

And it doesn’t just stop there. From delivering your medicines to servicing your lab tests at discounted rates and covering your doctor fees and more, the Kenko app is to traditional paperwork what instant messaging apps are to fax machines. Simply faster!


Being a one-stop shop for healthcare benefits, we need to be in on how our users feel about our offers. Be it online orders or home sample collections or great coverage, our app evolves everyday with the list of new benefits always growing.

This is where AI/ML helps us. AI/ML stands out by its reliance on hard data. AI/ML-powered apps like the Kenko app rely on data about you-the customer- and your reactions to different products, offers and pricing strategies offered by us. This gives us a window into your preferences, needs and expectations.

As a direct result of this, we come to know you better and, therefore, tailor our offerings according to this newfound knowledge. This, in a way, amounts to the customer dictating terms when it comes to shaping the product.

AI/ML is better at picking, studying and analyzing this data than human minds. Thus, the decisions made with respect to pricing, etc. are more objective than the decisions made as per the whims and fancies of a few powerful companies. This ultimately results in a fair price for the consumer.


Of course, for all of this to be possible we need information from you- the user. Without your test reports, ID’s, prescriptions, selfies and more, we would be stuck.

Rest assured that at Kenko, we have invested enough resources and energy to make sure that all the user data is safe and sound and stays within the four metaphorical walls of the app.

The Kenko app is strongly fortified by end-to-end encryption and is not open for third party access or use. In other words, what happens in the app, stays in the app! 🤐


All these behind-the-scenes wonders would be incomplete if the user-experience of the app weren’t pleasant enough. At the end of the day what you-the experience is the app , not the code written to develop it. The Kenko app is blessed with intuitive, easy-to-use and truly hassle-free.

Financing your healthcare needs inevitably requires some proofs and documents. While brick-and-mortar insurance setups still require you to go through tedious paperwork, our app cuts short the need for any of that. You simply have to upload pdfs, jpegs or selfies. And that’s about it. No paper-pins, no files and no more of those gaudy spiral-bound documents. Just click!

It is this UI vision that colors every feature of the app. From ordering your medicines to booking your next doctor appointment and booking your lab test to covering your hospitalization, you can do it all at the tap of a finger with the Kenko app. And of course, you get to save great chunks of money while you’re at it!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our plans and download the app now to get instant benefits!

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