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From Push to Pull

The impossible task of getting people to voluntarily buy things, instead of shoving it down their throats.


Why is it that we crave, lust for, plan fastidiously and save with great dedication for a phone, a handbag, a bike but when it comes to health cover, display zero desire to acquire and own?

Is there something un-sexy about it? Or has the whole sector done itself in by "pushing the sale"?

We are yet to meet someone who is titillated by the thought of buying healthcare plan. In fact, most prospective buyers are both daunted and confused at the same time. Unfortunately, a healthcare plan is one of those things that you just can't live without in these times. That makes this whole thing a lot more complicated and murkier.

Insurance agents
Super-cool Insurance agents

For years, it's been sold by agents - women and men who make a living out of selling the very thing nobody wants to buy but need to buy. Needless to say, they must be very good at their job. Selling ice to the Eskimos has made them battle-hardened, but, on several occasions not entirely scrupulous.

The key difference between buying a healthcare plan or say, luxury item, – is that there’s rarely someone pushing you to buy those shoes, yet, you are willing to spend a fortune on them. WHY?

Let's look at some probable reasons:

  • Healthcare plans appear the same everywhere. Insanely complicated, similarly priced with features and benefits that sound suspiciously like gimmicks

  • Deep goes the rabbit-hole. Investigating a product feature is like a trip through wonderland - without the wonder. Incising it reveals more mysteries, which in turn reveal even more and so on until legal-speak takes over your mind like Voldemort's alluring darkness

  • Margins are razor-thin. So, the stuff needs to be sold in massive numbers to justify high fixed costs

  • Unlike those sexy Brionis, one may not feel a pride of ownership, there’s no pride of ownership with a healthcare plan. You just buy it hoping never to have to use it. And, by the way, so does the company offering the cover!

So, what are we going to do about this?

We’re trying to make getting a healthcare plan cooler!

  • Pay-as-you-go plans at prices you’ll love

  • You can use your subscription anytime, for almost all things health: starting with medical expenses including the cost of medicine, doctor fees, lab tests, hospital charges, mental health therapy to name a few

  • There will be no agents selling our plans. Period. What you see is what you get. No more than a few lines of terms and conditions that’s easy enough for my 6-year old to understand

Health isn’t the same as footwear. It’s far more valuable. We, at Kenko, are hell-bent on making sure people realise this. That said , there’s a better way to court customers than what’s out there today and that involves having an honest and a substantially better offering to start with.

Our Kenko healthcare plans are lucrative and easy to understand and the silver lining is that we won't be pushing it down the throat like other healthcare providers.

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