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Five Things That Make You Feel Truly Independent In 2022!

Life can get overwhelming and confusing, especially when you're young, moving and growing. With all that's happening around us - rapid lifestyle changes, tech developments, bigger-and-better-than-ever opportunities and a booming economy, it's easy to feel like a lost fish in a sea.

Don't panic! Always remember - that there's light at the end of every tunnel. If you're young, you've got time on your side. If you don't feel young, making informed decisions and healthy habits can turn the tables for you instantly.

This Independence Day, let's take you through five things that can help you feel free.

Good Health 🍎

Good health and good sense can never take you down. You know what we mean, right? If you feel stuck, not doing your best - the first thing to do is take charge of your health and get going. You can start with whatever you like - walking, taking a yoga class, going for a dance session or lifting weights in the gym. Eating clean meals can also help you get back in shape.

It is incredible how our body feels when it moves. Also, don't forget that lifting weights or moving can also mean cleaning your home or doing chores. Great way to feel energised and independent, isn't it?

Regular Income 💰

We all spend a large chunk of our life to get this right. Most of us do. If you want to feel independent and free, there's nothing better than having a regular source of income that can help you pay your bills, save for your future and let you enjoy life as you see it.

Financial security is an integral part of our lives. Everything - from our families to our education to our hobbies and skills - is linked to it. If you see yourself struggling with personal finances or finding a regular source of income, don't hesitate to seek help.

There are lots of videos and educational material online that you can use to understand where you are and where you need to get - the internet is your best friend. Follow people you like, talk openly with your friends and family about it, and ensure you've got it right.

Savings & Emergency Funds 🆘

Knowing that life can throw curve balls at you anytime is pertinent. No financial plan, emergency savings, or retirement funds is a one-way train to penury. If you struggle with saving money, you can start with jotting down your expenses and income and plan your investments accordingly. It will help you understand your financial situation.

It is always recommended to start saving early - helps you retire early, and live the kind of lifestyle you truly want. A rule of thumb - save at least 10 percent of your income, and make sure you have at least three months' worth of your living expenses saved up in case of an emergency.

An Additional Skill or Hobby🕺

Having an additional skill or a hobby never hurts. It can help you take some time off your primary job. And if your hobby or craft enables you to move, you also do good for your health.

Honing new skills helps you build knowledge and gain different perspectives on the world around you. It will also bring unique experiences and challenge your brain, keeping you active and healthy.

Besides these advantages, a new hobby or skill shows that you are aware, accepting of changes and ready to do more to get more.

A Community or Support-System 🤝

Being free also means being able to love and support the people we believe in. Therefore, you must have friends and family with whom you can spend your good and bad days. These people are the first to jump in the fire if you need something.

Having people around us who love us also makes us feel safe and confident in our skin. It impacts our performance at work and overall health. If you are new to a city - for work or any other purposes, try joining some clubs - like cycling or reading.

One of the most significant benefits of having friends or loved ones is that they can pick us up when we feel low. Their support can help us feel free.

If you struggle with feelings, finance or any health concern, it is always better to seek help.

And that's it. These are some things we believe everyone should have in their lives. Oh! And also nice to keep ourselves free from the financial burden of sickness or a health emergency. (Let us take care of that for you).

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