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Don't Beat Yourself Up! Tips To Avoid Burnout At Work! 💼

As per a financial news website, one-third of Indian professionals have experienced burnout. Read this blog now and get tips to avoid one…

Work is worship, and Indians are known to be a hard-working bunch of professionals. We go above and beyond, walk that extra mile, even submit to working beyond office hours (not 18 - that’s a ridiculous number). All of this to ensure that nothing breaks down at the workplace. Doesn’t matter if we break down or not.

However, what if this diligence at work comes at the expense of our health? That’s when you want to step back and take stock. You can be a superstar at work and still fail in life if your mental and physical health does not support you.

Are you feeling sad at work? Can’t get up in the morning or hold yourself accountable? Do you always have incomplete tasks on your to-do list? You might be suffering from burnout. Don’t worry, it's not all over. We’ve got some tips to help you recover.

Find your purpose

People work different jobs for different reasons. Money is one of our primary concerns, sure, but there’s more to work than just building a bank balance. It is essential to take the time to understand yourself and your reasons for being at a workplace.

Maybe your job does not bring a visible difference, but your salary pays for your bills. Perhaps your work does not pay to keep you in luxury, but it affords you a comfortable life. It is crucial to re-evaluate your choices and reasons periodically so that you can find your ‘WHY’ for being at work.

Of course, we have to work to earn our daily bread, but we also need to find the joy and purpose in the work we do. Especially when we spend 40 or more hours a week there. So, it is advisable to write down your reasons for working and how it benefits you and others around you.

Reach out

One of the best ways to deal with or, better yet, prevent burnout is by talking about it. Reach out to the people close to you or seek professional help. You can talk to your family, friends, colleagues, or even a therapist.

It pays to ask around and share your grievances with an experienced therapist to arrive at the right solutions to your problems.

Maybe your friend can help you or, perhaps your challenges at work can be eased if you talk to someone with similar problems.

It is important to remember that burnout at work is neither a problem unique to you nor is it an insurmountable challenge. Work challenges have been overcome by many before you and people will continue to resolve them in the future.

Help is just around the corner. You can reach out to your loved ones and experts for help. Your first step can even be an internet search for different ways to handle work burnout.

Take breaks

Want to reduce stress instantly? STRETCH. Now that it is done, you may have observed the benefits of taking frequent breaks at work. Taking reasonable breaks at work helps you improve your productivity and mental well-being. Employees also feel more valued if they are encouraged to take breaks.

Taking breaks helps in improving focus and attention, prevents decision fatigue and enhances creativity. Have you heard about the POMODORO technique? It's a time management technique that helps you break large chunks of work into smaller tasks and rewards you with breaks at equal intervals, read more about it here.

Get some exercise

Our bodies need movement, and we often forget this when we’re stuck to our desks. Depending on where you are, a full-blown workout may not be possible between your work schedule. However, you can take 5-10 minutes every couple of hours to do some stretching and cardio.

Stretching your limbs can give you a world of benefits for your health. Besides stretching, you can do light cardio by taking the stairs or going on a short walk outside. Skipping rope, resistance bands, and body weight exercises are portable solutions for cardio and weight training in a confined space.

Just as a flower blooms, your mind can do wonders if you look after your body. Maybe do that stretch and go out for a bit. It’ll make a world of difference.

Your mental health can affect your physical health, and medical bills to pay for treatments don’t come cheap. A health plan can help you reduce the burden of medical bills.

Check our plans now. They also cover mental health, medicines, doctor fees, lab tests and daily healthcare.

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