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Step out of stone age: Take care of your feet

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

After a long tiring walk, you ache for a foot rub, don’t you? Scroll for all you need to know about feet health.

We, humans, spend a lot of time worrying about our face, heart, stomach health, and more. But we often end up neglecting feet health. It’s just as important as our overall health.

Foot-related problems are prevalent in India, majorly due to factors such as poor footwear, lack of awareness, and cultural practices like walking bare feet.

Time for some numbers

In India, a lack of education about caring for our feet leads to many complications, including ones arising due to diabetes. According to a study conducted by the Indian Journal of Medical Research, 26% of the Indian population suffers from various foot problems, and 14.5% of these are chronic.

Let's look at why you mustn’t ignore your feet' health.

Posture and Alignment

As we grow older, our posture changes. You might have seen how elders around you stoop or have a slight hunch. The way we stand and walk depends on how our feet are positioned.

If their alignment is incorrect, it can lead to various issues, like back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Good foot health can prevent these and promote better posture.

Feet play a crucial role in maintaining our body's posture and alignment.

Mobility and Independence

Our feet are responsible for our mobility and independence. They allow us to stand, walk, run and perform various physical activities. If they’re not healthy, we will experience pain, discomfort, or limited mobility, leading to a difficult life.

Balance and Stability

Our feet are essential for maintaining balance and stability. They provide us with a base of support and help us keep our centre of gravity. If they’re not functioning correctly, we may be more prone to falls and injuries.

This is particularly true for old adults with weak bones and muscles. Exercise is the only way to stave off the diseases of the feet and age.

Overall Health

Our feet can indicate the state of our overall health because various medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and peripheral artery disease, can affect them. By monitoring their health, we can detect these early and take appropriate measures to manage them.

Foot Injuries

Everyone is injury prone, whether you are an athlete or just going about your day. They can range from minor blisters and bruises to more severe conditions like fractures, sprains, and strains. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper stretching routines can prevent these from happening and ensure a faster recovery if they do occur.

Tips for happy feet

So, how can one ensure that they have happy feet? Here are some tips from us:

  1. Wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes that provide adequate support.

  2. Practise good hygiene, such as washing your legs regularly and drying them.

  3. Stretch and exercise your leg muscles frequently to maintain flexibility and strength.

  4. Aim to keep your weight in a healthy range to reduce the pressure on your heels.

  5. Check your feet regularly for signs of problems, such as blisters, corns, or calluses.

Your feet connect you to the world around you. Having healthy legs that can walk, run, and feel the ground is one of the most incredible human experiences. Hence, it is also our duty to care for them the best we can.

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