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Caring For Your Women Colleagues: Things You Must Do In Office

Working women are doing wonders in the workplace. Let’s talk about how workplaces can do wonders for working women.

Offices need to provide employees with an environment which feels safe, secure, respectful, understanding, and filled with opportunities for personal growth. But it is also crucial for them to be gender sensitive. Equality doesn’t come into play when individual necessities are different.

Women employees should be able to work and thrive in their careers. A sense of contentment can only be felt when women know their needs are recognised, not rejected. A lot can be done for our ambitious 'wonder women' who are out there to realise their dreams and conquer the world.

Accepting similarities and differences

It’s the need of the hour for organisations to be more gender-sensitive. Men and women are biologically different but socially and professionally the same. It is essential to acknowledge and internalise the fact that being different doesn’t make any gender superior or inferior. ‘

'Equity, not equality' is the mantra to follow.

Normalising and addressing menstruation

Gone are the days when periods were talked about in hushed voices. The light should be shed on the fact that 84.1% of women suffer from menstrual pain. Yes, period cramps are real! Granting period leaves and having feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons in the ladies' washrooms in workplaces are basic requisites for women.

Creating a safe work environment

The work environment has to be employee friendly and comfortable for everyone. Within offices, it is a common complaint from women that they are subjected to sexist jokes, sexual harassment, unequal pay for the same role, and the female perception of not being recognised or given importance. There should be zero tolerance for, and strict policies against such practices in offices for women to feel safe and flourish to their maximum potential.

Hats off to all the mommies out there

Studies have shown that mothers are less likely to be hired by organisations. A full stop needs to be put to such discriminatory practices. In fact, working moms need to be applauded for their multitasking abilities since they juggle their careers and nurturing their children. For all new moms, sufficient time should be given to them to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally after childbirth. Not being disturbed by work during maternity leave is a basic right of the newborn’s mother.

A woman’s responsibility towards herself

With the world evolving daily, the age-old biases against women in the workplace have ended. The floor is open for women to grasp the opportunities that come along their way. The number of women leaders is growing rapidly. So, ladies, it’s time you love yourself, realise your worth, and speak up for yourself when required. Your voice has the power to move mountains.

Women out there are owning their individuality like never before. Kenko Health Individual Plan will help you embrace your true individuality, with day-to-day medical benefits to thrive to the fullest!

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