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Break 'Em All: Debunking 5 Myths About Masculinity

Masculinity is a hot topic these days! But is it limited to the macho Bollywood heroes? Read on as we deflate the biggest myths about masculinity.

This blog is a part of our No Shave November campaign to raise awareness about men's overall health.

What image does the term masculinity bring to your mind? Are you thinking of a strong, sturdy, muscular man who is hyperactive and never expresses his softer emotions? Then it's time to debunk some of the biggest myths about masculinity!

And guess what? Some of these myths do more harm to men than you can imagine.

Myth 1 - Men Don’t Cry

We bet every man has heard this statement numerous times in their lifetime! Whenever men go through challenging situations, society reminds them not to break down. They are expected to stay strong and never shed a tear.

But crying is a normal human expression of sorrow. And repressing your emotions can have harmful effects on your health.

Men account for 75% of annual suicide deaths worldwide.

Studies have also linked suicide to emotional restriction. So, the next time you see a man crying, don't ask them to stop! Instead, show solidarity and support if you can.

Myth 2 - Men Aren’t Caring

The world sees mothers as loving and affectionate but fathers as breadwinners and protectors. That's again one of the biggest myths. And we all know this better now.

Men are taking care of their children and even making reels about it. And women are taking more leadership positions across sectors.

History is replete with examples of men who were loving and caring. But the world keeps talking about men and their relationship with strength and power. That's unfair.

Myth 3 - Men Are Hypersexual

If you watch some Bollywood films or famous advertisements, you'll see men portrayed as hypersexual beings. They are supposed to be drooling at the sight of women and treat them as sex objects.

But the level of sexual activity has nothing to do with gender. Moreover, due to society's emphasis on men's hypersexuality, some men start objectifying women. That leads to threats and sexual crimes.

Myth 4 - Men Are The Breadwinners

Our society has strict and sometimes absurd gender norms. Men are expected to earn for the family and women to perform household chores.

Well, that may be the biggest cause of the financial exploitation of women. However, it also puts tremendous pressure on men. And financial pressure is one of the leading causes of suicides among men.

Isn't it a better option if men and women share responsibilities? They both can earn and manage the house as well.

Myth 5 - Illnesses Reduce Your Masculinity

Don't get surprised. It is a widespread notion. After all, patriarchy expects men to be virile and at the peak of their health. Men with diseases or disabilities are perceived to be less of a man.

But diseases and illnesses are a part of life. They affect your health and have nothing to do with your masculinity. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to try and keep diseases at bay if you want a happy and fulfilling life.

Wondering about the diseases that affect men? You can read about testicular and prostate cancer here.

Asking For Help Is Manly

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