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Are You Killing Yourself & The Planet? 🌎

This World Environment Day, we will guide you to stay at the peak of good health and save your planet. Let’s see how you can live a healthy and exciting life.

20% of deaths in Europe are related to environmental factors. Startling, isn’t it? Well, it is no mystery that the environment and human health are interlinked. Maybe that gives us a reason to save the planet from environmental hazards.

Your plate decides your fate!

It is estimated that around 2 billion people are overweight or obese worldwide. And, 811 million people aren’t getting adequate nutrition. So, a healthy diet is a distant dream for many.

Moreover, our food production and processing systems have terrible environmental impacts. The production of livestock and dairy products emits tons of greenhouse gasses that warm up our planet. And you wonder why summers are becoming unbearable every year?

It also uses much of the Earth’s freshwater which is already scarce.

Processed foods take a toll on your health. Red meat, those cheeseburgers, and sugary drinks increase your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thus, your risk of getting deadly diseases increases.

So, it’s time to give up on the junk and look at your health before it’s too late. But what should you eat?

  • Replace red meat with plant-based proteins.

  • Consume both starchy and green vegetables.

  • Don’t forget your fruits.

  • Try to cut down your consumption of processed grains. They harm both you and the planet.

  • Embrace whole grains and notice the difference. For instance, what can be better than starting your day with oats and fruits? You can make a delicious smoothie out of it.

Grow Your Food!

Sounds fancy, right? But growing your own food can save you and our planet.

Imagine the insane amount of fossil fuels burnt to transport all your food to your nearest grocery store. That means too much carbon dioxide emissions.

What about pesticides and insecticides? They can keep the pests away from your food. But did you know most of these pesticides can cause cancer?

Doesn’t growing your food sound like a far better option now? Start your kitchen garden today. We bet you will enjoy it.

Watch this video on how to grow your veggies and herbs. Source: Garden Up

Walk A Mile!

Climate change is the most severe threat to our planet. Your bike, car, and all those public transport are responsible for carbon-dioxide emissions, raising the temperature of the Earth.

What can you do? Choose walking. Come on, you are not lazy. You can walk to the grocery store or your friend’s place.

You’ll reap double benefits when you walk. You will help reduce carbon emissions. Plus, you will also burn those extra calories. Excellent! Pat yourself on the back.

Walking is an excellent exercise. It’s the easiest one too. Never mind if you don’t get time to hit the gym. Walking every day will keep you fit.

Source: Giphy

Save Your Lungs From Air Pollution!

There is polluted air all around. Vehicular emissions, cigarette smoke, and smoke from factories make getting fresh air a challenge.

You can consider planting trees around your house. Also, keep some plants on your balcony. After all, there’s no alternative to planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Pranayam and aerobic exercises are excellent ways to clear your lungs of toxins. If you have asthma and other breathing disorders, you must consider these breathing exercises.

Getting an air purifier can also be an option if the air quality index is too poor in your area. It will remove the particulate matter from the air, letting you breathe in fresh air.

Also, make sure to go out in the open. Sitting indoors throughout the day isn’t a healthy practice.

Climate Change = More Infections

Research shows that climate change affects the environment where pathogen-carrying vectors live. It includes mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. As a result, they are forced to migrate to a different environment.

The migration of these vectors leads to a faster spread of infectious diseases across the world. Experts have expressed their concern that more pandemics would occur in the future due to climate change.

Thus, it’s time to treat climate change as a health issue and not an environmental issue alone. Don’t wait for the government and organizations to act. Do whatever is in your hand.

You can go green and embrace non-conventional energy resources. Take small steps like installing solar lights and cookers in your house. Go for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead of petroleum in vehicles.

Opting for cleaner energy will save the planet in the long run. And it might save you from the clutches of epidemics as well.

Building Climate-Resilient Healthcare Systems!

You can no longer isolate healthcare systems from climate change. So, the solution is to build healthcare systems that take climate change into account.

Identifying the risks and staying prepared is the first step. For instance, research can help predict the course of vector-borne diseases. That will help the system to stay prepared beforehand.

Healthcare professionals should also stay alert during extreme weather and natural disasters. That will let them ensure an unhindered supply of food, water, and medicines during times of distress.

Cooperation among the different sectors like health and environment will go a long way towards a sustainable future.

Gift Yourself A Health Plan!

You don’t want to compromise your health in these uncertain times. So, you need a health plan that covers all your medical expenses.

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